Follow “The Dragon’s Trail” in Ifield Brook Meadows

“The Friendly Dragon of Ifield Brook Meadows”

Ifield Society’s Summer Ramblette [July 22] is based on a Short Children’s Story

“The Friendly Dragon of Ifield Brook Meadows” – A Short Story for Children of All Ages. By Richard W. Symonds


Start from outside The Plough in Ifield Village.

Head towards St Margaret’s Church.

Go through the church gate [Lychgate] and turn immediately left, following the wall, towards the gate.

Go through the gate. Pass the ‘Private’ sign [ignore that], and bear right along the wider green path.

Walk straight ahead, passing the [defunct’] bridge on the right.

Reach the Ifield Brook Bridge.

Do not cross over the Bridge, but turn left into Ifield Brook Meadows crossing a small wooden bridge.

Then turn immediately left along the grass path to a ‘cross-roads’ between two trees.

Turn left at the ‘cross-roads’ and keep straight on with the ‘white’ house ahead.

At the fence, turn right and go through the gate.

Keep straight on passing another ‘Private’ sign [ignore that].

Up ahead, a wooded area will be seen. Keep an eye out for the Dragon’s eye!

Go under the tree ‘canopy’ and bear immediately right, following the narrow grass along the side of the hedge.

Bear to the right, picking up a wider path.

Another ‘cross-roads’ is reached. Keep straight on, passing the ‘Dragon’s Tree’ [with a bird-box on the side] on the left.

Straight on at the ‘cross-roads.

Bear right into the wooded ‘canopy’ area, then take the gravel path to the left.

Walk straight on towards the fence – where once an olde bridge crossed the brook [and which was monstrously destroyed a few years ago].

Bear left at the fence away from the brook, then take the path to the right, and go over another wooden bridge [with a small, circular ‘Greenway’ badge attached].

Bear right to the brook [‘Mill Race’] and cross the ‘The Tree Trunk Bridge’ [Hat-Tip: Scout-leader Keith Prior]. Please take extra care here.

Go left into the wooded area and go along the riverbank – taking care to avoid the steep embankment.

Along the riverbank, pass some large ‘egg-holders’ and cross over the ‘Mill Race’ brook again. And again, take extra care here.

Keep straight along the path away from the brook, picking up a wider wood-chip gravel path. The corner of Rusper Road Playing Fields will be reached – after passing another ‘Private’ sign [ignore that].

Go diagonally across the playing fields towards yet another ‘Private’ sign on the gate in the far corner.

Go through the gate, down a ramp and go straight the open meadow – making towards the tree ‘canopy’ [where the dragon rests].

Go through the ‘canopy’ and keep straight across the meadow, with the ‘Private’ sign on the right [already passed, and ignored, previously]. Reach the gate.

Go through the gate, bearing left and picking up the WSCC Public Footpath sign.

Follow the path with the church ‘turret’ wall on the right.

Follow the wall round to the right.

Go through the swing-gate [by another ‘Private’ sign] and round to the front of the Parish church.

Walk along the church path to the Lychgate.

Then on to the Plough.

That’s the end of ‘The Dragon’s Trail’.