Ifield Parish Map Project 2020


I’m thinking of resurrecting the idea of an Ifield Parish Map – mainly for two reasons

1. Because we missed out in 2000:

2. Because it will help to protect Ifield Brook Meadows, Ifield Golf Club and Ifield Wood.

The idea is to have the Parish Map like an Oak Tree (like the Royal Oak pub sign) – see Copthorne Map attached – with the ancient Parish ‘transposed’ on to the Oak Tree. The roots are Ifield’s history and heritage – the people and events who/which have created what is Ifield Parish today (eg Drughorn, Quakers etc).

The Copthorne map does not show the Acorns around the Map (only the top). Each Acorn has the name of the sponsor of the map:

We simply ask for sponsors to contribute to the funding of the Ifield Parish Map [eg Golf Club, Church, IVA, CBC Health Walks, Plough, Royal Oak etc] – and these sponsors are then put in the Acorns around the map.

If you think the idea is a good one and/or you would like to be involved in the Project in some way, please let me know. Thanks.


Richard W. Symonds

richardsy5ATaol.com 07540 309592 [Text only]