The Plough in Ifield Village

From the Plough, walk towards St Margaret’s Church, through the Lychgate and across the churchyard with the church to the immediate right, reaching the gate by the wall.

Go through gate and head straight towards the bridge by Ifield Brook.

Cross the bridge and make an immediate left across the ditch:

Follow the path with the Brook on the left and fields to the right, making for the left hand corner at the Woods:

Go through the gap into the Woods, take an immediate right, pass a tree, then immediate left over the ditch.

Walk along the riverbank:

Then towards the right into the woods with the Maples houses visible on the right, reaching the new gravel path:

Walk along the roads until the junction of Drughorn Way and the main Rusper Road is reached:

Turn left into Rusper Road, cross road, pass the Ifield Golf Club entrance and make towards the Public Footpath sign on the corner, then turn right through the gate of the The Hyde:

Follow the footpath within the private residence, round the lake and go through a small wooden gate in the corner:

Follow footpath signs, passing the Drughorn memorial:

Go across the golf course making for the lined trees:

Go through the trees and turn right at the ‘piped’ stream, crossing the green towards the gap in the hedge, picking up the footpath sign:

Turn left along a narrow path and follow the perimeter fence round to the right, then go over two small bridges reaching the main Rusper Road. Turn left and cross over road. Walk along road, making towards the white sign and Pound Cottages in the distance.

Turn right into the Cottages, walk through the farm, through the gate and head straight on:

Walk straight along the path with the fields to the right and left and eventually reach the bridge at Ifield Brook:

Cross bridge and head straight on towards the church, through the gate by the wall:

Go into the churchyard with the church to the left:

Pass Lychgate Cottages:

Go through the Lychgate, along Ifield Street and back to the Plough: