JANUARY 14 2020

Dear Mr Jenrick

If you personally could spare the time to read this I would be very grateful. It concerns the question asked by Crawley MP Mr Henry Smith to Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg MP in the House of Commons who replied that he would pass his  question on to you.
The question addressed the complete opposition of the proposed development of 13 ,000 houses within Horsham boundary that will have a devastating effect on Crawley residents.

1. Infrastructure already at breaking point (Birmingham University Research named Crawley as the 2nd most polluted town in the country). This new development would mean  at least 13,000 more cars on our roads as all Crawley’s amenities would be the nearest to the new build.

2. Doctors surgeries are being overwhelmed as two new developments i.e Kilnwood Vale 2,650 dwellings and Forge Farm 1,900 have no doctors surgeries!

3. The proposed site is on a flood plain! Some of which I believe are designated as Zone 2 & 3. Only last month the fields and surrounding roads were under water.

4. The  developers seem to have no idea where their planned RELIEF ROAD will go, and to build the middle part first seems ridiculous.

5. What roads will the construction traffic use ?
Infrastructure, health care and flooding are already an enormous problem.

6 On a daily basis  cars travelling around the town are already caught up in traffic jams, WHICH IS THE  REASON FOR HIGH POLLUTION  IN ONE OF THE  AREAS NEXT TO A LARGE SCHOOL DESIGNATED AN  (AQMA)  AREA !

  CRAWLEY AREA 44.96km2  POPULATION 110,000
  HORSHAM AREA 530.26km2 POPULATION 150,000

Could you please inform me why these houses need to be built on this particular piece of land as Horsham has so much space and less pollution.

People are questioning whether they have a right to take Horsham council to court on the grounds of knowingly increasing pollution in the 2nd most polluted town in England if planning consent is given.

Thousands of people just in my local area have signed a petition opposing this development.

This really isn’t  a case of NOT IN MY BACK YARD and a REAL CASE  of concern for people’s health and mental well-being.

Myself and the residents of Crawley implore you to strongly advise Horsham District Council to reject these plans as in the past they have designated this Land as UNDEVELOPABLE.

Yours in anticipation


Irene Wakeham



JANUARY 14 2020

This was on Facebook

Weasel words from Homes England (@homesengland)

This (statement in the photo below) caught in my throat at the “consultation” on Saturday. When questioned, the definition of ” acute housing need” is apparently based on the fact that housing in Crawley is 10% dearer than the national average, and in Horsham it is 13%. Hope you are all glad that’s been now clarified and so it will be OK to build 10,000 new homes on greenfield land which has only just been categorised “undevelopable” by Horsham District council, AND will still offer 50% of the green open space that exists today AND be a car-free walk to school/work/shops/ doctors environment with a dual carriageway running right through the middle of it AND still manage to increase biodiversity by 10%. 

We were reliably informed that the current land use (agricultural and golf course) offered scant pickings for biodiversity which was ripe for improvement and new ancient woodlands would be created. It’s OK you can read that statement again. New ancient woodlands will be created as part of the scheme.

The only thing missing is a free unicorn for all the under fives.

Watch out with this lot, they are a law unto themselves and assume the entire development is a foregone conclusion. A few hard-core HE disciples amidst a swathe of mostly harmless and clueless consultants dropped in to make cooing noises.

It was always our choice, those of us who live in the countryside, to live here. Why does anyone have the right to take that from us?

No apologies for early morning rant this Monday, please cut, paste, plagiarise and share to your hearts content if you feel strongly enough about this horror story.