Tunbridge Wells Borough Council would like to build 2,800 new houses in Tudeley with a big senior school next to Somerhill and 1,500 new houses in East Capel (between Five Oak Green and Paddock Wood). 

The Save Capel campaign is raising awareness of the plans and gathering evidence and arguments to oppose the Tudeley, Postern (Senior School) and East Capel proposals in the TWBC Local Plan.​

The size and scale of the developments proposed in the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan are clearly going to be beyond anything Capel can cope with. The Parish of Capel is at serious risk of being ruined forever. We believe that there are other options that TWBC have available to them that would be much better for the environment and easier to implement with regard to infrastructure.

“The Parish of Capel is one of the most unique communities in the country. A collection of a small village and hamlets, with a long history connected with the land, in some of the least well-known but most idyllic settings in Britain. The character and way of life of this special environment must be preserved, not erased.

I have worked closely with Save Capel and will continue to do so to ensure that no development can take place which is not sustainable environmentally and respects the unique quality of the parish. The proposals are a long way from that – the lack of transport connections, inadequate attention to flooding and drainage, let alone the pressures on GP surgeries and the school, make it impossible to be sustainable.

As a former Planning Minister I have the experience, the knowledge and the authority to be able to work closely with the Capel community to ensure that a parish that has developed organically for 1,000 years is not abruptly destroyed in a way that would never be forgiven.”

Greg Clark, MP for Tunbridge Wells