“SPOTTED! Wildlife Sightings in the Ancient Parish of Ifield & Beyond”

Whatever the season, Mother Nature is alive in its beauty, wonder and colour. If you spot something – bird, butterfly, bee, bat, beetle, fox, flower, fern, deer, duck or dragon – in the ancient Parish of Ifield [eg Ifield Brook Meadows, Ifield Village Conservation Area, Willoughby Fields, Bewbush Gardens, Ifield Wood, Ifield Golf Course, Ifield Millpond], record it, photograph it and share it here or on Facebook here if you can. Thank you.





JAN 18 2020

Day: Saturday

Time: Overnight

Spotted: Vixen/Fox

Location/Map Ref: Sharp bend on Rusper Road by the Ifield Street turn-off to the Plough]

Spotted by: Ann Swaine and Richard Symonds

Comments: “I should have photoed my beautiful vixen, sadly killed overnight on Rusper Road yesterday week.    The car owner did at least move her to the pavement and the carcass was collected by CBC on Tues am.  She gave pleasure crossing our gardens, and her cubs in early summer were a joy to watch. Less traffic needed on this road” ~ Ann Swaine

“Sally Mcrae mentioned the buzzards in Ifield Brook Meadows. They can also be seen at Willoughby Fields Nature Reserve: A family of foxes can also be seen in Willoughby Fields and one of them – a fully grown one – was sadly seen lying dead on the side of the road at the junction of Rusper Road and Ifield Street [near the Plough]” ~ Richard W. Symonds

Jan 27 – That sharp bend in Rusper Road [at the Ifield Street turning into the Plough] is beyond lethal. As a pedestrian, crossing Rusper Road between Parham Road and Ifield Street is a dangerous game with speeding vehicles [a game in which a street-wise vixen fox lost her life in agony, and left a family in Willoughby Fields Nature Reserve without a mother]. Someone with the power to change things need to change things here, before there is another fatality ~ Richard W. Symonds

Jan 27 – My friends lost their beautiful cat by the car park because of a driver who decided he wanted to go at speed, if the council put a speed camera on that road they would make a fortune 😡😡 ~ Mary Didcock, Ifield [‘Nextdoor’]

Jan 27 – Ah so sad, l had a family of foxes last year, sadly l came home one day and one had died in my garden. They were so lovely to watch mum, dad and babies. When it was time to leave they just did. ~ Susan Snell – Langley Green [‘Nextdoor’]

Jan 27 – So sad to hear this…We have a couple of foxes visiting us in the evening from the ICC [Ifield Community College] grounds. I remember looking out of my bedroom window years ago before they built the monstrosity of an estate, at the foxes and the cubs. They used to run up and down our cars and walls playing catch the photo [below]…one visiting us at the moment ~ Mary Didcock [‘Nextdoor’]

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Jan 27 – Ifield road , Charlwood is the same. I have lost 2 cats to this road, so has my neighbour; that’s 4 that I am aware of. We have had a pair of foxes visit us since October, and I hold my breath. This is Amber (photo below), her mate we call Roxy. Sadly Amber is now holding her hind leg up. She was quite young when we had our first visit from her.  She waits to be fed treats and I know my critics will despair as I feed her by hand, although she is wary which is a good thing. Fortunately, she does not trust everyone, but she and her partner are a pure joy to watch. I fear for them on this road, but even before I fed them they have been cutting through our field at the back in our garden for weeks. I have fought for years to stop fox hunting to no avail, even writing to Paul Beresford who is convinced that no laws are broken!!! He really needs to read about the Cheshire Hunt and Heresford on Facebook. For every fox killed either on the roads or otherwise we could be guilty of killing more than that as there could be babies in the den. Tragic. At the end of the day we are building on their territory. So sad ~ Anne Bowyer [‘Nextdoor’] 

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JAN 25 2020

Day: Saturday

Time: 11pm

Spotted: Young deer/Fawn

Location/Map Ref: Hoylake Close/St Andrews Road – Ifield West [opposite Ifield Golf Club Woods]

Spotted by: Rachel Luff

Comments:  “I saw a young deer last night at around 11pm casually walk across Hoylake Close. It came out of St Andrews Road and made its way back into the forest. This happens quite a bit. So many deer around the woods and surrounding area. Bats too!” ~ Rachel Luff


JAN 26 2020

Day: Sunday

Time: 8-9am

Spotted: Robin and a ‘gang’ of Blue Tits [feeding from the bird-feeder outside the kitchen window], and a family of black Crows feeding on the ground in the Ifield Barn Theatre Car Park [as seen from the kitchen window].

Location/Map Ref: 2 Lychgate Cottages in the Ifield Village Conservation Area. RH11 0NN

Comments: “What do these crows find so tasty in the gravel Ifield Barn Theatre Car Park?” I can always identify a Robin at the kitchen window bird-feeder – other than the obvious: when finished eating, it dances off the feeder with a little jump.  ~ Richard W. Symonds