Ifield concrete crushing plant refused

Plans to build a temporary concrete crushing plant in Ifield have been refused by West Sussex County Council.

Thursday, 9th July 2020, 11:11 am

The application included a soil recycling facility and was planned for land at Kilmarnock Farm, in Charlwood Road.

During a meeting on Tuesday (July 7), members of the planning committee voted unanimously to refuse it, with concerns raised about the estimated 30 HGVs which would go to and from the site each day – and the suitability of the road to cope.

Richard Symonds, of the Ifield Society, opposed the plans on the grounds of ‘road safety and common sense’, describing it as ‘beyond lethal’.

Describing the conditions along Charlwood Road, he said: “It’s a very busy, narrow country road with numerous double bends and no pavements.

“This dangerous stretch of road has essentially become a rat run for many drivers. Any walker, jogger or cyclist would be ill-advised to venture along it.”

The application was for five years and would have seen up to 75,000 tonnes of inert construction and demolition waste processed each year.

The site sits within the area of land safeguarded for a future runway at Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick, along with Rusper Parish Council, Horsham District Council, and Crawley Borough Council all objected to the plans.

There were concerns from some that the applicant – PJ Brown Construction Ltd – planned to make the site permanent in the future.

Recommending the application be refused, a report presented by James Neave, county planning manager, described access to the site as ‘unsuitable’.

It said: “It has not been demonstrated that the development would not give rise to an adverse impact on the safety of all road users.”

The report added: “The proposed development would result in a significant increase in the level of activity in the countryside and would be of a scale, nature and design that would have a harmful impact upon the rural character of the locality.”

Members agreed and the application was refused.



12.10 pm
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5. Planning Application: Waste  PDF 388 KB

Report by Head of Planning Services.

To consider and determine the following application:

WSCC/081/19 – Proposed Temporary Concrete Crushing and Soil Recycling Facility.


Kilmarnock Farm, Charlwood Road, Ifield, RH11 0JY

Additional documents:


Dear Sir or Madam,

West Sussex County Council Planning Applications:


WSCC/081/19 – Proposed Temporary Concrete Crushing and Soil Recycling Facility.


Kilmarnock Farm, Charlwood Road, Ifield, RH11 0JY

I would like to let you know that the above applications are to be considered at a meeting of Planning Committee to be held on Tuesday, 7 July 2020.  In accordance with regulations in response to the current public health emergency, this meeting will be held virtually with members in remote attendance.  Public access is via webcasting.  The meeting will be available to watch live via the Internet at this address:  The webcast will also be available to view after the meeting for a minimum period of 6 months.

It is possible to access the agenda and reports for the meeting on the West Sussex County Council.  The website address for the Planning Committee page is provided below:

The direct weblink for the agenda and papers for the Planning Committee meeting of Tuesday, 7 July is:

Please note that timings for the meeting are indicative only – this application is the second substantive item to be considered and it not guaranteed that that the item will be heard at exactly the time stated on the agenda; therefore, it is recommended that you check regularly during the meeting to ensure you do not miss the start of the discussion on this application.

Registering to speak on the application

If you are interested in speak you should note that speakers will be dialled into the meeting at the relevant point during the meeting and you will make your presentation to the Committee.  So, you must provide the telephone number that you will use on the day of the Committee meeting, so officer can contact.  You will only attend the meeting for the duration of your speech, and should watch the rest of the proceedings via the webcast (details above).  Alternatively, if you do not wish to speak live on the webcast, the Committee will accept a written submission that will be read out on your behalf by the clerk.  All speeches, including written submissions, should be no longer than 5 minutes in duration.

Attached is a leaflet setting out our procedures for public participation at Planning Committee – I also ask that you specifically note the following information:

  • The limited number of speakers allowed under our Constitution – 3 in objection, 3 in support.
  • Speakers are accepted strictly on a first come, first served basis.
  • The closing time for registration to speak, which is 9.30 am on Friday, 3 July.

All speakers will be shown on the webcast and names will be publicly stated.

Kind regards



Thank you Chairman – and thank you to the person reading this out for me. Deafness prevents me from active participation,

My name is Richard Symonds (pronounced ‘Simon’s’) from the Ifield Society. I am again opposing this re-application on the grounds of ROAD SAFETY AND COMMON SENSE. The new proposed site is situated in an even more dangerous location than before.

Pictures paint a thousand words, so I am attaching pictures in the hope this Committee will reject this re-application – without hesitation.

The Brown depot and Kilmarnock Farm (including a Horse Rescue Centre) are located along Charlwood Road in Ifield Wood within the ancient Parish of Ifield. It is a very busy, narrow country road with numerous double-bends and no pavements. This dangerous stretch of road has essentially become a ‘rat-run’ for many drivers, – and any walker, jogger or cyclist would be ill-advised to venture along it. The Ifield Society has organised a number of ramblettes for over 20 years – short walks within the Parish – and there was one to the Medieval Moat and Deer Park which necessitated walking along part of this road to reach a public footpath near Kilmarnock Farm. Never again.

Horse-riders use this road from the various riding schools – often involving children – based in Ifield Wood and Prestwood Lane, as well as slow-moving tractors from the various farms. There has already been one fatality on one of the sharp bends, involving a Browns lorry – a lady from Ifield who was travelling to Charlwood newsagents where she had worked for many years. Two hotels – Trivelles and Little Foxes – are also along this stretch of road.

These lorries – which the local community has dubbed ‘yellow perils’ for good reason – thunder up and down this road continually throughout the day. They have regular work at the Kilnwood Vale development nearby, and are no doubt hoping for more if – and it’s a big if – the £3bn Homes England development of 10,000 houses West of Ifield is given the go-ahead. Homes England has bought up almost all of the rural land in this area.

This proposal will not be “temporary’. Browns say they are searching for a permanent site. They said that seven years ago – and before that.

So, I urge you here to reject this re-application on safety grounds and common sense – without hesitation. It is beyond lethal.

Thank you.

Richard W Symonds




















Representations 8.1 The application was advertised in accordance with Article 15 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 (as amended). This involved the erection of four site notices on land located at and around the application site, an advertisement in the local newspaper and the issue of six neighbour notification letters.

In response, five representations were received, all objecting to the proposals. These include objections from the Ifield Village Conservation Area Advisory Committee.

8.2 The main reasons for objection can be summarised as follows:

 Impact upon amenity in terms of noise, dust, odour, and increased vehicle movements;

 Impacts on human health and that of livestock;

 Impact on neighbouring guesthouse business;

 Impact on the well-being of patrons and visitors to the nearby day centre and associated garden nursery;

 Disturbance of nature and wildlife in the locality;

 Impact of noise and HGV movements on Ifield Conservation Area and its rural setting;

 Impact on valued walking routes;

 Impact upon Willoughby Fields green space (designated Crawley Green Space) and enjoyment of peaceful rural locations near the site;

 Local roads not suitable to accommodate further HGVs;

 Difficult to control routing of HGVs which will result in the use of inappropriate roads;

 Impact upon highway safety and upon non-motorised users such as cyclists and horse riders that frequently use the route (no footway noted);

 The extent of proposed works suggests not a temporary operation.