Robert Jenrick – Secretary of State for Housing

Jenrick’s new planning framework ‘a disaster for Cornwall’

Jenrick’s new planning framework ‘a disaster for Cornwall’

The government’s new planning framework will be a disaster for Cornwall claims Mebyon Kernow

Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has hit out at the UK Government’s new White Paper on planning, which it says will be a disaster for Cornwall.

Housing Minister Robert Jenrick has outlined the biggest shake up to planning laws since the second world war, with every piece of land categorised as either growth, renewal or protection. This will allow automatic permission to build in some areas.

The new proposals have received widespread criticism across the country including architect body RIBA president Alan Jones who said “We urgently need a broad mix of affordable, age-friendly and sustainable housing – but it looks as though this so-called ‘planning revolution’ will deliver the opposite.”

The Labour Party described the changes as “a developers’ charter” that will “set fire to important safeguards”.

In ‘Growth’ areas new buildings like houses and offices would be allowed automatically. ‘Permission in principle’ will be given to applications in the Renewal zones. Jenrick has said that Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty will be protected.

MK Leader Cllr Dick Cole says: “The White Paper is a confusing document, where the rhetoric is not matched by the proposed new approach to planning.

“It talks about ‘sustainable, beautiful, safe and useful development’ and giving communities a ‘greater say over what gets built’ in their areas. But it is bringing forward zoning proposals which will allow developers to build without even needing to apply for formal planning permission. And the UK Government is promoting memes on social media which are saying that ‘we’re cutting red tape, so that we can build, build, build.’

“The White Paper caricatures the present planning process as obstructive, which is absolute nonsense. That is not the experience of local communities in Cornwall – just look at the amount of development that has been allowed in recent years.

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“This document, which also proposes top-down housing targets and smaller Local Plans based on a specific Government template, is another developers’ charter from the Conservatives. They are even planning to ‘temporarily lift the small sites threshold’ so that developers will not need to provide affordable housing on sites of less than 40 – 50 units”.

“If this White Paper goes forward, it will be a disaster for Cornwall.”

Cllr Cole has called on Cornwall’s residents to study the document in detail and to lobby MPs to think again.

The White Paper is out to consultation for the next 12 weeks and can be viewed at: