Dear Homes England

“On Sept 11th [2020], I sent yourselves an email in response to your latest post re this proposed development [see below], but unfortunately I have not yet received a reply.

As you can no longer hold the public consultations, I would have thought that the least you could do is to give me the answers to my questions – or have I touched on  something that you do [not] wish to comment on for reasons best known to yourselves ?

Yours sincerely

Michael Lunn



Dear Homes England

Could you explain to me why you have only mentioned 3,250 homes when your plan is for 10,000 + .

I can only assume that by not giving the correct figure you hope to win over public opinion to agree with your proposed development. The 3,250 number is the amount of houses that you propose to build on the site which is at the moment Ifield Golf Course, so no mention of the remaining ones for the land behind Ifield Brook Meadows and surrounding green fields and woodland.

I also understand that your attempt to purchase said Golf Course/Club has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 situation. Please confirm or deny ? Within Crawley, as well you know, unemployment is still on the increase especially at Gatwick Airport.

So, your predicted growth in the area seems to now be a complete farce?

                 I look forward to your reply,

                                             M Lunn