“Hiilside and Woodlands” proposed development on Ifield Golf Course + “The Meadows” proposed development by Ifield Brook Meadows


Parish Map showing zig-zagged green ‘buffer zone” surrounding Ifield Brook Meadows and Ifield Golf Course


“The Meadows” proposed development [by Ifield Brook Meadows]

RWS Note – 18/03/2021

If the case of the Roman Road is a dead-end, then, as I see it, the only possible way of saving this precious area from predatory developers is for Crawley Borough Council/Horsham District Council to enforce the Buffer Zone protecting Ifield Brook Meadows Local Green Space [LGS] – marked in green on the map above – which was originally proposed years ago by the former Cabinet Member for Planning & Economic Development Claire Denman. There is also the issue of the proposed new roads cutting across and through the Ifield Brook Meadows Local Green Space [LGS] and the Willoughby Fields Local Nature Reserve [LNR] – yet another catastrophe unfolding. A Joint Area Action Plan by CBC & HDC – with full community support – must now make the whole area a Local Nature Reserve [LNR]…….but immediate action is required.

If the Roman Road – ‘The Quarter Mile’ – is not found on those fields [just over the bridge at Ifield Brook, behind the 13th century St Margaret’s church], then that beautiful area of the ancient Parish – once the home of skylarks – will be under concrete and tarmac. The proposed development – ironically and insultingly called “The Meadows” – will just be an extension northwards of The Maples. A potential environmental and community tragedy is unfolding. As George Orwell said – his last-known published words – “Don’t let it happen. It depends on you”


Dear Sirs,

Land West of Ifield

We would be obliged if you could confirm if you have yet received your separate district-wide Golf Supply & Demand Assessment and the Sport, Open Space & Recreation Assessment referred to in your email dated 01.03.21 and, if so, may we have sight of the results please?

Yours faithfully,

Malcolm Bender



Dear Mr Bender,

The Open Space, Sport and Recreation Review, and the accompanying Golf and Open Space Assessment, are not yet finalised.

Eventually these documents will form part of the evidence base for the Regulation 19 draft Submission Local Plan and it is likely that they will be published alongside this document in the Summer of 2021.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,

Strategic Planning – Horsham District Council


Dear Sirs ,

Horsham Draft Local Plan  –  Ifield Golf Club  –  West of Ifield

Please find attached, for your information, Strategic Planning Horsham’s response regarding the date for issuing the anticipated Open Space, Sport and Recreation Review and the Golf and Open Space Assessment.

Obviously we eagerly await these documents as they can only confirm the overwhelming importance of Ifield Golf Club as a sporting facility, as a piece of local history and as a haven for a multitude of wildlife.

It would seem that it is, predictably, becoming more difficult than the authors anticipated to prove that a thriving golf club could be replaced by Homes England’s proposed sports field built in the muddy flood plain!!

Ifield Golf Club is used  by an average of more than 100 people per day of all ages, from the very young to the very old.  The over 65 players would find it impossible to find a sporting facility of equivalent physical value. The two existing local sports pitches are used largely by younger people about 3 times a week by 2 teams of 15 players ie, at best 100 people per week.

By no stretch of the imagination could the Homes England proposal be said to be a replacement for the golf course.

The Homes England proposals quite irrefutably fail to comply with NPPF 97 clauses: —

a)   –   surplus to requirements,

b)   –   replacement by equivalent or better,

 c)   –   alternative sports provision,  the benefits of which clearly outweigh the loss of the current or former use.

 Since the National Planning Policy Framework must be taken into account in preparing the development plan, we do not believe that there can be any legal  justification for ignoring Homes England’s failure to comply.

Yours faithfully,


Malcolm Bender