A Conservative Election flyer for Langley Green and Ifield East states:
“We oppose the development of 10,000 new homes commencing on the flood plain of Ifield Golf Course”
If true, government quango Homes England – the new landlords at Ifield Golf Club – may well have been ‘sold a pup’?
Richard W. Symonds

About the plans

On this page you will be able find more information about our proposals for new neighbourhoods West of Ifield and you can provide your thoughts and feedback. Each page will provide an overview of different consultation themes and offer the opportunity to comment

This consultation part of the conversation on what the draft masterplan for West of Ifield could look and feel like. Following this consultation, we will continue holding engagement events and working with you in shaping the future of West of Ifield.

Stewardship – Managing Community Assets


Our draft masterplan sets delivers significant community facilities to benefit existing and future residents, including parks, open spaces and community facilities like halls and squares.

Visual representation of feedback

Homes England held a series of nine public consultation events in January 2020. The events introduced the proposed new neighbourhoods and gave us the chance to understand local opportunities, issues and aspirations. The events were well attended, with a total of 726 members of the community visiting over the eight days.

The main issues raised at the events, which were replicated on the feedback forms, were:

  • Infrastructure pressure – particularly the need for new health services. If the proposals are approved, infrastructure will be delivered early.
  • Transport – increased road congestion, rat running through the villages and the need for a new or improved public transport links. The impact on the roads will be eased by the creation of the Western Link which will include dedicated pedestrian, cycle and bus lanes.
  • Environment – residents expressed concerns over the environmental impact of the proposals, particularly the loss of green space and effect on local wildlife. The draft masterplan will open 50% of the site as public open space and protect community valued areas such as Ifield Brook meadows.
  • Ifield Golf Club – the events were attended by many members of Ifield Golf Club, who raised concerns about the future of their club. Further letters of objection have since been received by the members. The draft masterplan provides a number of new open spaces and sports facilities which can be access by both existing and new residents.
  • Flooding – concerns were raised about the potential impact of flooding in the area. The proposals will include flood prevention measures and ensure the homes are safe for new residents.

The information from the consultations has helped to shape the draft masterplan for West of Ifield.

What could West of Ifield look like

Neighbourhood character areas on a map

The draft masterplan sets the framework for the delivery of homes, physical and social infrastructure, shops, community facilities and open spaces and how they can be arranged as a neighbourhood where people will want to live, work and relax.

The draft masterplan will:

  • Provide up to 3,250 homes (with 35% affordable). Homes of all types and tenures will meet the latest building standards and will contribute to achieving ambitious carbon reduction targets.
Comment: what happened to the 10,000 houses? Is the balance coming later?
  • Create around 100 hectares (247 acres) of public open space – including a new country park, community spaces, sports pitches and play areas as well as protecting and enhancing Ifield Brook Meadows. Open spaces will also be used to help manage existing flood issues.
Comment: open public sports places don’t help wildlife unless there are no people.
What is going to happen that will enhance Ifield Brook Meadows?
  • Provide a new neighbourhood centre with a range of shops, leisure, and community services / facilities.
  • Help to meet the pre-existing local need for a new secondary school, as well as a primary school and nursery facility.
  • Create up to 2 hectares / 4.94 acres (around the size of three football pitches) of employment area. The employment area will complement the role of Manor Royal, Gatwick and Crawley Town Centre and help realise local economic objectives.
Comment: The Crawley plan update says the town has a predominantly low skilled workforce (now unemployed). Skilled workers come in from outside. Only they could hope to buy ‘affordable” new homes and all will have a car to travel through Ifield.
  • Deliver a step change in the way residents travel with all homes within 15 minutes active travel time from community facilities via a network of pedestrian, cycle and low traffic routes.
Comment: Human nature says otherwise! Cycle lanes will be leisure activity or minimal use.
Comment: As above.
  • Build the first phase of a new Crawley Western Link – a route for buses, cars, and bicycles which provides new connections between homes and jobs and helping to address existing issues in the local area.
Comment: it directs traffic only to the junction with Ifield Avenue and Bonnett’s Lane. After that it all comes through to the A23. No one will go towards Faygate to make a big loop back to Crawley town centre. Only the motorway for elsewhere.
  • Give the opportunity to existing and future residents to take responsibility for community assets – becoming custodians and providing stewardship to ensure that the long term needs of the community are met.
Comment: What does this mean? Residents never have a definitive say in anything.

Should the West of Ifield be identified as a preferred strategic allocation for housing as part of the Horsham District Council Regulation 19 Local Plan, the final masterplan will take account of future policy requirements as well as the feedback from this consultation.


Everything above says what WILL be done! Not we will bow to pressure and not do it.

What is the country park mentioned?
The traffic issues affecting Ifield directly cannot be changed with a plan outside of the area.
Human nature will always trump officialdom.
The rat run will happen. Ifield station can’t handle the cars so won’t be used as planned. It’s too far to walk for most people. The new Faygate station will probably have a big car park and get better use.
Open spaces to mitigate flooding!” A muddy football pitch with water run off down the street drains! (Like the Rugby Club).
Alternative sports facilities to replace the loss of a golf course. They will have to play football instead!
Lots to talk about when we can meet again.
Newton and I are in agreement!
“a body at rest remains at rest unless acted on by force”.