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Malcolm Bender, using a driver, powers a graceful first shot right down the line – 210 yards – a beauty.

West of Ifield – Aug 7 2021

Yes, Rusper Golf Club is permanently closed and yes, that should make a positive difference to the enormous value of Ifield Golf Club, the membership of which is constantly going up.

However, Horsham District Council are choosing to ignore this fact as it is expedient for them to do so.

They have received a report on local golf club viability which is as watertight as a Swiss cheese and suggests (along with many other gross inaccuracies),  that IGC’s membership is just over 400 (a reduction of about 9%), whereas it is actually over 570 and rising.

The latter figure shows that the club should be retained, in accordance with Government policy, but the Council seem to be unwilling to accept this fact as it would mean that the proposed scheme, based entirely on Homes England’s appalling profit based development proposal, would not be viable.

Assuming that Horsham District Council chooses to stick to this flawed proposal, we will be able to challenge the validity of the draft Local Plan when it goes before the Government inspector.


Homes England comes up next – smart, confident with an expensive-looking driver…

Oh dear…


Experienced Richard Cowlard, using a 5-wood, drives a sweet second shot – 200-yards

West of Ifield – August 8 2021

In addition to the reply from Malcolm Bender let me expand a little.

HDC commissioned a Golf Supply and Demand Assessment for Homes England to prove that Ifield Golf Course was surplus to requirements in accordance with the NPPF Clause 99 point (a).

This report was completed by Knight, Kavanagh & Page who are based in Bury, Lancashire. To our knowledge they never even visited any of the courses listed in this report.

The report was full of factual inaccuracies which inevitably contribute to misleading assumptions and flawed conclusions. We have challenged this report some 3 weeks ago with both HDC and the company that produced the report but no response.

Rusper Golf Course is permanently closed and quite a few members from there joined Ifield. We have also taken on many green fees and society bookings from there.

Rusper Golf Course was not mentioned in the assessment as it is in Surrey (only just) not Sussex, that’s how misleading the report is.

This you will like. The report states that the estimated catchment population for Ifield Golf Club is 1,294. Our catchment area is in fact Crawley at 112,448.


Homes England take their second shot…

Oh dear…


Homes England finally hits the ball at Hole 1 with a 3-wood, but goes into the rough – 200 yards [Spectator shouts “Responsible landowner and accountable public body”? Bollocks!]


Homes England is the government’s housing accelerator. Our mission is to ensure more homes are built in the areas of greatest need to improve affordability and ensure more people in England have access to better homes in the right places – homes that are both affordable and suitable. We have a long-term commitment to create new neighbourhoods and great places to live, investing early in infrastructure to offset the impacts of development and help meet the needs of existing communities, along with a track record of delivery. Our point of difference is the capacity we possess to invest to create high quality places and new communities.

West of Ifield is at the heart of the Gatwick Diamond and represents a huge opportunity to deliver a new highly sustainable ‘15-minute neighbourhood’ that can address the acute housing need in the area, provide opportunities for existing residents as well as new residents – such as the early delivery of a new secondary school with sixth form – and help spearhead economic recovery in this area, whilst supporting environmental objectives, securing a biodiversity net gain by significantly improving the natural environment and keeping at least 50% of the site as open space.

This summer update is part of our commitment to keep the local community up to date with our Plans for West of Ifield and provides further information on the next steps for the scheme.

Since launching our engagement on the outline plans for West of Ifield in January 2020, Homes England has organised a series of events to inform the community of the plans whilst also progressing the proposals through the formal Horsham District Council Local Plan process. These events took place in January 2020, December 2020, and March 2021. Over this engagement period, hundreds of questions have been asked and in June we published a report, Responding to your questions, to answer some of the most frequently raised points. We have also published a number of topic updates to help people understand why the scheme is needed and how we will address key areas of concern and will continue to do this over the coming weeks.

We are now working on the next version of our plans, that take account of your community feedback, and continuing to engage with the Horsham Local Plan process and local community groups.

Since our last engagement, plans to hold a further series of community engagement events on the emerging masterplan have been postponed following Horsham District Council’s decision to delay publication of its draft Local Plan.

As a responsible landowner and accountable public body, we will ensure that our timetable is consistent with that of the local planning authority, to ensure that the proper planning process is followed, provide certainty to the community and ensure that we can address the immediate housing challenges at the earliest opportunity. We will therefore plan for the next round of public consultation on West of Ifield to take place after Horsham District Council consults on its draft Local Plan, (often referred to as ‘Reg 19’). The next public consultation will cover our final plans for the site, and we hope to hold in-person and online consultation engagement events. More detailed information, including exact dates for the engagement events, will be confirmed nearer the time. We look forward to seeing you then.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the information provided, the consultation or the proposals please get in touch at westofifield@homesengland.gov.uk or 020 8629 7209.

Read update


 Malcolm Bender responds with a mischievous shot using an 8-iron – 114 yards. 

West of Ifield

I have just received from Aidan Zeall a copy of the attached Summer 2021 news update from Homes England.

I have no regard for this rapacious property developer but I do have to admire their cheeky sense of humour!!

A couple of my favourite quotes: —

“We have a long-term commitment to …….investing early in infrastructure to offset the impacts of development and help meet the needs of existing communities,”

The anticipated road blockages should have the residents of Rusper, Ifield and Crawley splitting their sides with laughter!.

Here’s another Music Hall corker: —–

deliver a new ……. neighbourhood that can address the acute housing need in the area ….  provide opportunities for existing residents”.

I’m sure that Crawley Borough Council will appreciate the acute housing need gag and, as an existing resident I’m really excited at the prospect of my coming opportunities!!

I think Homes England’s Ken Glendinning would be a great Stand Up act with a scriptwriter as on the mark as this!!!



OK – Hole 1 is called ‘Forgegate’ – 525 yards Par 5. Malcolm has played the first shot with a 3-wood – 210 yards [would that be correct?]. No he would use a driver.  He would play the 2nd shot with say a 5 wood which would go about 200yardsHe would then use an 8 iron for the remaining 115 yards Next player to use putter for a birdie? correct Hole 2 – what’s that called?…..( Sussex Weed)
I attach a document which gives you the hole number, different tees used, length of each hole and on the far side of the sheet the hole name.
So for example Hole 1 is 525 yards long from the white tee with a par of 5 ( that’s the number of shots you should take) and it is called Forgegate ( all holes relate to the Forge/ironworks that were once there)
For par 5’s you would use a driver, for a par 4’s you would use a 3 wood and for par 3’s you would use say a 6 iron.


Sussex Weed
Bewbush Hammer
Cinder Banks
Pen Pond
Shingling The Loop
Ifield Mill
Pig and Sow
Eleven Foot Pitty
Cannon Royal
Great Cinderplat