“Oswald Michell Courage of The Mount, Ifield 1865-1937 and of his wife Gertrude Hilda Courage died march 24 1956”

“In loving memory of Hilda Michell Mocatta elder daughter of O.M. and G.H. Courage The Mount, Ifield 1890-1935”


I guess your route is quickest to South Lodge, but if we thought not too far/tiring I think ‘climbing’ up the Mount in Ifield Wood and then walking west along the ridge, through Prestwood Wood/copse (Core Site of High Nature Value as identified in the Wilder Horsham District’s Nature Networks)  would be lovely – good views north to the N Downs, and we would also walk alongside the Tilgate copse (another Core Site).  These Core Sites are the dark green areas at the top of the SWT map below – ‘F’



See attached for a couple of ideas for Mount walks.  Both start from the church, go north and then go across Ifield Wood either via the Driuds or Pockneys Farm, and then up to the Mount. I’m not recommending either route above the other – I’m not familiar with the number of stiles, points of interest etc of either.  Except I do know Prestwood Wood – glorious bluebells and orchids – and the pink path on map gives more of that.  I’ll do the Pockneys Farm path to check it out.  It’s bizarre – I used to spend a lot of time in Pockneys Farm and actually rented the neighbouring field on the sharp bend in the road for 5 years (for pony), but not sure I’ve ever walked that footpath up to the Mount!