Time for Action!
Horsham District Council are hoping to sign-off their Local Plan at meetings on 11th and 17th November, before it goes to the Planning Inspector for approval. Please write to Horsham District Councillors, Jeremy Quin MP, local papers, etc. making clear why you object to the inclusion of the West of Ifield proposal in the Local Plan. You may have written letters in the past, but we need to keep the pressure on and continue to show HDC the strength of our concerns.
Crawley residents can also write to their Borough Councillors explaining your views, and urging them to protect Crawley’s interests. Councillor Crow’s recent statements in the Observer might be helpful: “Crawley Borough Council formally states its strongest possible opposition to the Homes England proposal to build up to 10,000 new homes to the west of Ifield/Crawley. … and seek[s] both maximum mitigation measures and ongoing influence for Crawley throughout the entire process, in order to protect Crawley’s interests.”
A list of email addresses attached in comment below this post (I’ve overloaded this one?!).
There are so many reasons to object, and our website could be useful for ordering your thoughts: https://www.savewestofifield.co.uk/objections. Plus, there’s a lot of fantastic material here on Facebook and elsewhere on key issues, for example:
– Natural England’s requirement for new developments to be ‘water neutral’. See my post on 7th Oct, and others.
– Horsham Council is deliberately misrepresenting the value of Ifield Golf Club. The Council’s report has assessed IGC in the context of Horsham residents, rather than Crawley; they ignore the lack of other golfing facilities available around Crawley. See Denis Taylor’s post of 29th Sept for much more.
– The Wilder Horsham District project (jointly HDC and Sussex Wildlife Trust) identifies at least 70% of the site as a Biodiversity Opportunity Area, with High Habitat Potential. We’re also being urged to “plant a tree for the Queen’s Jubilee”. How can Homes England and Horsham District Council possibly support this initiative and then propose the destruction of so many trees and hedges for West of Ifield?
– Gatwick expansion does not create significant demand for the Homes England housing. 1. GAL’s jobs figures don’t take account of reductions in business travel, increased automation, or potential price increases due to carbon taxes; and 2. there’s a mismatch between the jobs created (>50% will be low paid and insecure) and the housing which would be delivered (on the market for >£300k).

But obviously your letters must reflect your own views and concerns. Do please add comments and ideas, and don’t hesitate to message me or Bel Helm with questions.