Closed consultation

West of Ifield

This consultation was withdrawn on 

This content has been withdrawn as this consultation has finished.

Homes England withdrew their West of Ifield Consultation less than a month ago.

This is likely to mean one of two things:

1. The government quango has abandoned its monstrous masterplan of 10,000 houses to the West of Ifield [SA101] – with the “first phase” of 3,500 houses to be built on Ifield Golf course and the Druid Fields within the ancient Parish of Ifield, or

2. The government quango is by-passing the democratic planning consultation process, and taking their morally and politically bankrupt planning application direct to the Horsham District Council councillors – who have yet to grant planning permission to the insane masterplan.

1. would appear unlikely – it’s a £3bn land deal, and 2. would appear to be illegal.

Either way, this is the time for the local community to make a powerful case for a Platinum Jubilee Nature Reserve and Heritage Park – West of Ifield.

Richard W. Symonds

The Ifield Society

June 7 2022


Dear #####

Homes England intends to carry out public consultation in Autumn / Winter 2022 whether or not the Horsham Local Plan Regulation 19 has been published. This will be an opportunity for Homes England to update the community and local residents on our plans. The consultation will re-open during the public consultation.We will notify the community and local residents of the public consultation dates and locations once they have been secured.

Kind regards

West of Ifield Project Team



June 13 2022


What a “withdrawn” consultation could mean

Withdraw and resubmit

Withdrawing your application and resubmitting it is the best option if something has come to light which is likely to mean your planning application is likely to be refused on planning grounds and you know how to resolve it.

If a solution is clear, simply withdraw the application before it is rejected, make the changes needed and resubmit.