Dear Editor

Landowners Homes England introduce their ‘West of Ifield’ publicity pack thus:

“Our vision…”

Your vision is our nightmare, Homes England – a building site for the next 30 years.

Our vision as a community is a National Nature Reserve – Elizabeth II Park – incorporating Willoughby Fields Local Nature Reserve [LNR], Ifield Brook Meadows Local Green Space [LGS] and Ifield Millpond [SNCI].

Glossy pictures and pretty words do not a sane development make.

Four public protests are planned – “Your Vision. Our Nightmare” – culminating in a community event on Guy Fawkes Day [‘Mass trespass’, Observer Letters, Oct 12]:

  1. Thursday [Oct 20] – 1pm to 7pm – Apple Tree Centre, Ifield.

  2. Friday [Oct 21] – 2pm to 7pm – Ifield Barn Theatre.

  3. Saturday [Oct 22] – 10am to 3am – Rusper Village Hall.

  4. Saturday [Nov 5] – 11am to 3pm – The Plough, Ifield – ‘The Friendly Dragon Mass Trespass’.

All protests relate to Homes England’s 10,000 housing masterplan and their ‘Private Land’ signage in Ifield Brook Meadows – which many in the community believe to be Public Land.

All welcome.

One of the many questions which will be asked of Homes England at their ‘consultations’ starting tomorrow [Oct 20] – before the Mass Trespass – will be:

“What action have you taken regarding Historic England’s warning two years ago of possible subsidence to the historic St Margaret’s Church in Ifield – the geographical centre of the ancient Parish – if 10,000 houses are built nearby?”

Richard W. Symonds

The Ifield Society