Map of a 4 mile walk [from the Brochure/Leaflet “Ifield & Beyond – A Taste of the Sussex Countryside”] Funded by Crawley Borough Council, Horsham District Council, West Sussex County Council, Countryside Commission, and the Horley Crawley Project
An old WSCC footpath map of Ifield Brook Meadows and Beyond – NOT showing the Maples estate.

Public Rights of Way – West Sussex County Council


Dear Sirs,
Land West of Ifield
We note that you have demolished the footbridge on the south east corner of
the field adjacent to the Ifield Village conservation area.
We understand that this is on a Public Footpath which you have, therefore,
We understand that whole paths, or sections of paths, can be temporarily
closed for a period of up to five days while planned works take place. A
minimum of two weeks’ notice is required. Planned works taking longer than
five days, lasting up to six months, require six to eight weeks’ written
notice.21 Apr 2023
We understand that you should, therefore, have applied for a public path
Could you confirm please that you have carried out the necessary
notification procedure and that the public footpath will be reinstated
Yours faithfully
Malcolm Bender

Dear Mrs Cornell,

Thank you for your email which I have been passed from Adam for response. 

This bridge is on Public Footpath 1541 and the works are being undertaken by a contractor appointed by the Public Rights of Way Team to replace the existing bridge as it was in poor condition and in need of full replacement.  The works had been originally proposed for last summer, however we were awaiting consent from the Environment Agency, and this came through too late in the year to then carry out the works.  These works are nothing to do with any proposed developments in the area, they are simply part of our maintenance and repair programme on our network of Public Rights of Way.

The contractor only informed me on Monday that they were hoping to start the works this week and I had been advised that it would be from today (26th July).  Usual practice is that closure notices would be put up on site just before works commence and an email would have been sent to the Parish Council, yourself, and user groups to inform of the pending closure for works.

I am now arranging this temporary closure and will ask that these notices are erected at either end of the footpath, so users are made aware.  I can only apologise to yourself and your constituents for this inconvenience and the fact there was no forewarning.

I will speak with the contractor today to get an update on their estimated schedule, but I should imagine these works should take approximately a week, weather permitting.

My apologies again for this inconvenience.


Kind Regards,




Mrs Emily Delicata

Senior Rights of Way Officer

Public Rights of Way – Highways Operations

West Sussex County Council, 1st floor Northleigh, Tower Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1RH

Telephone: +44 (0)1243 777620 (external) or ext. 26702 (internal)



The Maples Estate [circled in red] by Ifield Brook Meadows.Homes England’s ‘masterplan of madness’ includes building part of its 10,000 development directly north of the Maples along Ifield Brook up to the River Mole.



Signs erected on Monday July 24 2023


Signs erected Thursday July 27 2023


Signs erected Thursday July 27 2023




One of two bridges destroyed in Ifield Brook Meadows








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