DECEMBER 22 2023 – “HOW DARE YOU…….”



There are serious doubts Horsham District Council has a viable Local Plan to submit to the Planning Inspectorate – especially regarding the first phase 3000 development of a 10,000 masterplan west of Ifield – so an immediate moratorium is called for [‘Not over until final whistle’, Crawley Observer Letters, Dec 20].
For example, Cllr John Milne – HDC Cabinet Member for Planning & Infrastructure – promises half of the affordable homes built west of Ifield would be used to reduce Crawley Borough Council’s housing waiting list – “a duty to help with our neighbour’s needs” [‘Consultation for Local Plan’, West Sussex County Times, Dec 14].
How dare you, Cllr Milne. This is a promise you cannot deliver. This is, as Orwell said: “Political language…designed…to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”.
Many such promises abounded when building the neighbouring North Horsham development of nearly 3000 houses. There is now not one single house for social rent.
There must be a moratorium now – later will be too late.
Richard W. Symonds